Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train

california high speed railIf your home or business is in close proximity to the proposed California High-Speed Rail (CHSR), you will need the most effective eminent domain, real estate and land use attorneys on your side. With over 60 years of litigation experience in the fields of eminent domain, valuation and business law, our attorneys at Sullivan, Workman & Dee, LLP can help you get maximum compensation if your property is affected.

The CHSR project broke ground in 2015. The $64 billion plan has come under political and legal fire and will surely be a point of contention for years to come as it expands throughout California. The CHSR is mandated to operate without a subsidy and to link California’s major cities in the Bay Area, Central Valley and Southern California.

In the second phase of construction, the system will extend north through the Central Valley to Sacramento, and south through the Inland Empire to San Diego. The California High-Speed Rail Authority, a state agency directed by a board of governors, is managing this expansive bullet train project.

Eminent Domain Law, California and the High Speed Rail Project Preferred and Alternative CHSR Routes

The California High Speed Rail Project is staggering in its scope because it affects homes or businesses such as homes, ranches, farms and businesses such as hotels/motels, gas stations, retail stores, manufacturing, warehouses, etc. in its proposed routes. California eminent domain, real estate, land use and litigation attorneys from San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno and other counties will undoubtedly be busy representing clients along its path for years to come.

Plans for the CHSR map out several potential routes for the bullet train slated to be built. The CHSR Authority will study the project for feasibility, cost and environmental issues. As it analyzes the potential impacts of the project, the CHSR Authority will select a preferred route and several alternative routes. (While the preferred route is the route that the Authority would like its project to follow, it may not be the final route selected.)

If your property is within the desired route of the high speed rail project, there is a high likelihood it will be needed in some capacity. However, your property’s location within the preferred route does not a guarantee it will be taken. By the same token, your property’s location within an alternate route is not a guarantee it will not be taken.

Either way, your property’s location within any of the routes may affect what you can do with your property.

It is best to consult with an experienced eminent domain attorney before responding to offers or taking other action. Most businesses and individuals are not aware of their full rights and legal remedies in eminent domain law. Consulting with an eminent domain attorney as early as possible can help protect your claims for just compensation and, where appropriate, relocation benefits.  There are also strategies that may be used to help maintain, or enhance, the fair market value of your property that is affected by the cloud of condemnation.

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Maximum Compensation Begins with Top Representation

The attorneys at Sullivan, Workman & Dee, LLP have focused in the areas of eminent domain, valuation, real estate, and business litigation for over sixty years. Our experienced trial attorneys can help you navigate the complicated and intimidating negotiation process if your property is, or may be, affected. Our commitment is to get our clients maximum compensation with top representation.

We recently obtained a jury verdict of $3,357,323 in Los Angeles County Superior Court against a transportation authority for the taking of a veterans’ post building. The authority’s initial offer to our client was $650,000.*

Our firm also represented a motel owner whose property was being taken by the County for reconstruction of a freeway on-ramp.  The County’s appraiser valued the property at $2,800,000.  At trial in San Bernardino County Superior Court, our firm obtained a jury verdict in favor of the property owner in excess of $4,100,000.*  In the area of eminent domain and valuation litigation, Sullivan Workman & Dee, LLP has delivered time and time again.

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* Prior settlements, verdicts or award results of prior cases were dependent upon the facts and circumstances of those particular matters and results will differ based upon different facts and circumstances.  Prior awards are not a guarantee of any specific result. 


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