Sullivan Workman & Dee, LLP has a team of experienced real estate professionals that understand the complexities of all aspects of real estate law and real estate litigation.


Real Estate Purchase and Lease Agreements

The professionals at Sullivan Workman and Dee, LLP have over 55 years of experience in representing institutional and individual clients in the negotiations concerning the lease, purchase, and sale of commercial, industrial, residential, and vacant properties. As part of our legal services, we assist clients in the preparation of leases, purchase and sale agreements, options, notes, deeds of trust, and other land financing agreements.

In addition, Sullivan, Workman & Dee, LLP has been invaluable in assisting its clients obtain governmental approvals and permits for development projects, including environmental and CEQA review. The firm also has the knowledge and experience to deal with the discovery of hazardous materials and toxic waste, and suggest provisions to protect its client’s interests in a purchase, sale or lease situation.


Real Estate Business Agreements

In addition to the purchase, lease, and development of real estate, the professionals at Sullivan, Workman & Dee, LLP can assist in the formation of limited liability companies or limited liability partnerships to facilitate the acquisition, holding, or development of real property.


Real Estate Litigation

Many times, a client needs to enforce of its real property rights and litigation is necessary. Sullivan, Workman & Dee, LLP assists its clients in disputes regarding the purchase, sale, or lease of real estate. We have successfully resolved title and boundary disputes, easement rights, trespass issues, and tree encroachment cases. We have also successfully challenged the alleged scope and cost to remediate hazardous materials or toxic waste on real property.

In addition, we handle foreclosures, the appointment of receivers, collection of rents, and real estate commission disputes. Sullivan, Workman & Dee, LLP has experience in bankruptcy court proceedings to obtain relief from bankruptcy stay laws to allow its clients to foreclose on real property.

When litigation is necessary, Sullivan, Workman & Dee will vigorously fight for your real property rights when you need a Real Estate Litigation Attorney Los Angeles.


Sullivan Workman & Dee, LLP brings over 55 years of experience

In Real Estate and Real Estate Litigation, Sullivan, Workman & Dee, LLP has experience in both real estate transactions and real estate litigation. We have assisted clients in negotiations, preparation of agreements, and litigation to enforce their rights and remedies. Our clients benefit from this dual perspective and our practical approach to problem-solving.


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