Solinger Law

I am an attorney, mediator and arbitrator and have been for 39 years. I have been working alongside  the eminent domain law firm of Sullivan Workman & Dee since about 1979, a period of over 37 years, with excellent results. I have worked directly with the firm and I have also referred many clients to the firm.

All of my referrals have received hands on attentive and excellent service. The lawyers at Sullivan Workman and & Dee are incredibly responsive to both the referred clients and to me in obtaining status reports on cases. I have been most pleased with my relationship with the firm.  The results obtained for my client referrals have always been excellent.

In addition the lawyers at the firm have always been willing to lend advice and assistance to me on matters irrespective of whether or not they were actively involved in a case, as a courtesy to me and my own clients.

When cases arise that are within the subject matter expertise of the Sullivan Workman & Dee firm  they are my go to firm for assistance.

David C. Solinger,
Solinger Law